Stepping into Super Love

Discovery Session

Discover your desires and clarify your path to confidence in love.

“I want this to be better, but I have no idea where to start. He never has time for me, and I feel stuck no matter what I do. I’m just so exhausted… and tired of feeling alone.”

If you can relate to having these thoughts, this one-on-one coaching session is designed to help you begin to clarify answers to these questions… and much more.

These will not be generic, one-size-fits-all answers. This session is designed to help you find your answers. If you’re familiar with personal growth work, chances are you’re looking for something different. Something that can empower you with the clear, certain confidence it takes to make difficult decisions, and to experience what it feels like to finally love yourself fully.

You will leave our 1:1 discovery session with greater clarity of:

What’s different about this from other approaches to love coaching?

Unlike many other approaches, this discovery session focuses on helping you find your own answers so you can pave a path to self-acceptance and love even in the most challenging of circumstances. This is how we experience true empowerment.

Many of us have heard things like, “take a bath with some candles, meditate, or nurture yourself with these superfoods.” But what happens when the bath is over and the kids get home and break that fleeting serenity?

So many programs focus on changing your circumstances as a way to produce happiness. But what if you’ve already moved, changed jobs, remodeled the bathroom, and not to mention, this certainly isn’t your first relationship… what then? What’s left to change?

To truly shift stubborn patterns like:

  • Finding ourselves repeatedly in abusive, dysfunctional relationships,
  • Wondering why no relationship lasts for us while we watch our friends enjoy ‘happy’ partnerships, or
  • Feeling utterly alone and shut down in a long-term marriage,


we have to look INSIDE ourselves. The key to true happiness and love lies in having the courage to see and accept ourselves (sometimes even when we have bookshelves of self-help books and thousands invested in therapy).


Are you ready to take a courageous look at yourself with someone who will provide a safe, comfortable space to openly explore your desires, blocks, and path towards love?

As someone who has grown through the tremendous loss of my husband, and learned to love myself to the core through cancer, I’ll guide you to finding your answers inside yourself.

Is this for me?

Maybe you’ve tried tens of programs, all promising to help you feel happier and experience more intimate, satisfying love… but still find yourself frustrated with little or no lasting result.

This discovery session is specifically for you if you:

Our call will help you

Here’s what you can expect during our call:

The discovery call is completely confidential, and is offered with absolutely no obligation to continue working together. This hour together is completely for you, free of judgment or expectation. During this hour of 1:1 time, we’ll explore:


Your current experience

This includes the situation you’re in, what you’re happy with and what you’re unhappy with. This also includes your desires that aren’t met. During this first part of the call we will clarify your frustrations, fears, what keeps you busy, what you wish you had time for, what feels frustrating and/or unfulfilling.


Your desires

Next, we will explore what it would feel like to be where you truly desire in your life and your experience of love, be it your relationship with yourself or others. You will have the opportunity to sink into imagining what might be possible. This will be your space to fully and freely DREAM.



The third part of the call will be focused on clarifying what obstacles are getting in the way of your desired dreams. Identifying some of your blocks with greater depth and specificity allows us to begin to build a more useful path forward for you, with relevant awareness and insights.


Awareness and next steps

We will wrap up our call by talking about insights and possible next steps to creating your desired experience of love, based on the insights you discovered.

I’m so thrilled to be able to offer you the opportunity to gain clarity, confidence and vision towards your true desires, and super love.

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